Sunday, 20 May 2012

supernatural is taking over my life

I'm 29 years, 10 months and 13 days old and I've never learnt how to drive.
Whenever friends or family have asked me about this, my go to response has always been "I'll learn before I turn 30". And now I'm almost 30. And I still haven't learnt how to drive o.O

Part way through last year I set myself 3 goals for when I turn the big 3.0.
 1) Learn Japanese
 2) Get abs
 3) Learn how to drive

I have zero hope of accomplishing 1 and 2, so have laid all my eggs in 3's basket.
The plan was to have my learner's by the end of April.
This would give me 2 months to actually learn how to drive.
It's now May 20 and  still don't have my learners *eek*

Desperate measures in desperate times I made a bet with my flatmates to get me that learners. If I don't have my learners by the end of May I have to do the sky jump off the sky tower. I have an incredibly ridiculous fear of heights made even more ridiculous by the fact that I love theme park rides. The higher the better. So long as I am sitting down and strapped in. I cannot do strapped in and jumping off a building. I cannot. And yet here I am, 10 days away from my deadline and I still don't have my learners.

I went into AA yesterday morning to book my test. After I was all booked in, eye test done, photo taken, the woman behind the counter asked me what I had planned for the rest of my weekend.
I told her my weekend was going to be filled with practise tests, practise tests and yet more practise tests.
I sit here on Sunday at 10.56pm having not done one.single.practise.test.
I've gone shopping online, bought concert tickets, applied for a job, and still not one.single.practise.test.
I sit here writing my first ever blog post, updating the tipping competition points, watching Supernatural dvds - as I've done since I got home from AA yesterday - and doing everything but practise tests.

My test isn't till Sunday. I still have one week to do those practise tests. I also have 3 more seasons of Supernatural to watch.


  1. lol fren! That makes one of us with a learners

    1. haha got the learners, now need to use it :) my practical driving skills are still zero