Saturday, 27 September 2014

kicking the habit - take 2547

every now and then, i make a partial resolution to give up coffee. for a variety of reasons. new year's resolutions, giving up something for lent, bargaining with the big guy for xyz to happen, and sometimes just because.

this time round, i'm hoping giving up coffee will, not only improve my health, but also improve my savings. i spend far too much money, for someone on my income, on coffee. and i drink far, far too much of the stuff than what's probably healthy (we're talking between 5-8 coffees per day here).

so this time, i've changed things up. i've given myself a financial incentive to quit. for every dollar i spend on coffee, i have to donate that same amount of money to charity. every cup and bag of coffee i buy, now costs double. last week, i spent $8 on takeaway coffee. this amount has been donated to my charity of choice for this endeavour - the twitter aunties, food for women's refuge give a little cause.

now, $8 may not seem like a lot. but, for me, that's two days worth of lunches. and, considering i like to reward myself with coffee every monday and friday morning, that's $8 a week going towards the women's refuge give a little fund until i'm able to kick my coffee habit. so when i do slip up, and go coffee crazy, some fantastic people doing wonderful things in my community are benefiting, and helping to feed some of the people who need it most.

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